About Us

Who we are!!
The Navigators is an international interdenominational organisation seeking to promote Christian discipleship around the world.
The aims of The Navigators are:

To evangelise:
To help bring men and women into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

To establish:
To encourage growth through individual and small group care and in-depth teaching.

To equip:
To develop growing Christians to pass on to others what they themselves are learning in Christian discipleship and ministry.

To send:
To send spiritually qualified labourers to serve in various harvest fields of the world.

The Navigators is not a church. They minister to people from different groups, cultures, churches and backgrounds in institutions of learning, marketplaces and different communities.

Individual help, follow- up groups, small group Bible studies, training programmes, seminars, workshops and conferences are among the forms through which the Navigators disciple and develop people.

What we do!!
Navigators spend hours with new believers individually and in small groups. They study the Bible, pray, witness, counsel and teach. It is a ministry of individual, intensive training on a person-to-person basis.

NOTE: To see the Worlwide Navigators Ministry Calling, Values and Vision called “The Core”, go to Link below:

The Core (PDF Version)